Jou Jou - Massage Oil Citrus

Luxury massage oil with flavor!

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Luxury massage oil with flavor!

Pour jouer à deux.

Burleske arrived in 1868 in the USA from France via England with Hootchy Cootchy and Can-Can dancers. The dancing girls were beautifully dressed in black satin, lace and silk costumes. Many established nightclubs, which brought great performances on stage, often showed the bare legs, and sometimes much more, of the famous dancers. They were the forerunners of the first striptease and topless acts. In the style of this exciting evenings is Jou Jou developed.

These erotic massage oils are silky soft with every touch. So, let's see some skin quickly and pamper each other. Jou Jou works based on oil for an intensive sensual gliding effect. It's safe to use with condoms and latex.

Sweet-smelling, stylish eroticism look, 100% soft feeling.

Available in the flavors vanilla and citrus.

150 ml

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